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5 Components of an Effective Sales Cadence

A sales cadence is the succession of sales activities that a sales representative initiates to contact prospects and make a sale. It has two key purposes: see to it that leads do not fall through the cracks as the team employs the CRM and that deals are moving forward in the funnel.

The basic structure for a cadence consists of 3 phone calls, 3 voicemails, 3 emails, and 3 social interactions. This strategy has been tried and tested, and if you’ve just started establishing your sales process, this should come first. Here are the five critical components of an effective sales cadence:Below are the five crucial elements of a successful sales cadence:The following are the five essential components of a sales cadence that works:

Number of Attempts

According to a study, you have to make at least of 6 phone calls to try and establish contact with leads, while the ideal cadence is around 10-15 touches.

Media Forms

In a healthy sales cadence, you should use all communication media that you have at your disposal. If possible, know what your clients’ preferences are – phone call, email, social media, etc. With transactional sales, quick sales cycles and small deals, you can be more aggressive such as making phone calls. If you are a relational sales rep who works with with longer sales cycles and bigger deals, you can email or social media would be great to start with, followed by phone.

Campaign Length

Studies show the best practice for duration is around two to four weeks. You shouldn’t give up before hitting the two week mark, or you will loss so many opportunities. For relational or account-based campaigns, this will even need a longer time, depending on the particular strategy implemented. For a transactional or high-velocity approach, the cadence must be quicker – around two business weeks.

Spacing of Initiatives

How long should you give between your activities ensure that your prospects have enough time to process what you give them – for example, your content or a proposal? Usually, this would be anywhere from 1 and 4 days, with transactional sales reps on the lower edge of the scale. In any case, consistent spacing will keep things simpler and more convenient.

Types of Content

Typically, the type of business you’re in and the your target market will dictate what your message should be. Based on research conducted by Boomerang, an email should be between 50 and 125 words. Remember that only content that addresses customers’ pain points will be effective. You always start and finish with your customers, and you have need to invest time in developing and being fully aware of your personas.

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